Free-throw Shoot-Out Clinches Extra Time Victory for Flyers

Southampton Sharks 92:93 Woking Blackhawk Flyers

Watching the game was not a relaxing experience. Tied at the first break 15:15, Flyers leading by 7 at the half 29:36 and by just 1 at the third break 62:63.

At the end of the fourth period the game appeared won by the Flyers

 with a three margin and a fraction of a second on the clock. Sharks No 10 shot a high lob from well beyond the three point line fractionally before the buzzer - the shot swished through the ring tying the game at full time.

Extra time continued in the same manner, the Flyers pulled out a 5 point lead but with thirty seconds to go the game was again tied. 90:90. Flyers point guard Tomas Politi was fouled outside the three point line while shooting and was awarded three free throws – he sunk them all giving a 90:93 lead to the Flyers.  Ten seconds to go Sharks number 10 was fouled while shooting a three and was also awarded three free-throws - of which he only sank 2 giving the Flyers the win by one point 92:93.

MVP and top scorer for the Flyers was Tomas Politi with 23 points having come on fire  after the third break when he rapidly scored 21 points in an 11 minute period of play as was the player with the ‘hot hands’ on court.

Rhys and Oscar both took serious falls in some agreesive tackles. Rhyse being prevented from continuing in the game

Coach Knode was pleased with with a great squad effort and the result keeps the prospects for the Flyers open for the New Year.

The Flyers next game is at Home on the 16th January when they will be hosting Kent Crusaders at Woking College

Squad D Marshall (9Pts, 4rbds), R Johnson, D Knode(14pts,2rbds),O Wilkins(11pts,7rbds) T Peters(6pts), R Green(5pts,8rbds), A Bayliss(8pts, 5pts), J Grainger (9pts,6rbds), J Price(12pts.5rds) , C Mathema(2pts, 4rbds)