Flyers Run out of Steam

Woking Blackhawk Flyers 65:80 Cardiff City

The previous week's narrow defeat BY Middlesex inspired the Flyers to start with the same intensity that they had finished with seven days earlier.

Dan Marshall opened the Flyers scoring with an uncharacteristic three. Between Dan and Mark Allum the Flyers racked up 16 points to open an early 7 point lead. The speed and tenacity of the early game leaving Cardiff flat footed without a response.

In the second quarter the scoring progressed apace with the Flyers opening a thirteen point lead mid quarter which was closed back down 4 points at the half , the Flyers still felt fully in control.

The third quarter started with Flyers maintaining the pace and the lead until Cardif's Pisarewicz quickly sunk three baskets which included two threes – this tied the game. The Flyers appeared to be stunned by this only scoring a further single basket in the remaining 4 minutes of the quarter allowing Cardiff to establish a10 point lead at the end of the quarter.

The Flyers responded in the fourth quarter but could not make inroads into the lead until the last two minutes resulting in the final 15 point defeat.

Coach Knode whilst disappointed at the defeat was pleased by the progress and commitment of the younger squad players, Dan Marshall scored 16 points with a couple of steals and assists. Nate Simpson and Richard Green claimed 11 and 10 points respectively.> Laurence James was less prolific scoring this time with only 4 points but still pulled down an impressive 11 rebounds.

Next Week the Flyer have their last away game at Swindon Shock when they will be in the hunt for another away win.