Woking Blackhawks Girls vs  Bracknell Cobra Girls

What a good win this was, especially when seen from a statistical perspective!

Led by Niamh and Nora, the girls did themselves and us all proud.

3-0 was a football score in Q1 with Nora scoring all 3 points but at least we kept a clean sheet as all five girls on the floor defended like lionesses.
Niamh continued Nora’s good work at the Point in Q2 and gave us the psychological basket very early to make it 5-0. The Cobra girls came back with a basket of their own but Anthonia and Niamh came back with one basket each to raise the spirits. Then Aleena decided it was time to attack the Cobras’ defence and lay a great pass to Niamh who made no mistake.

We went into Q3 11-3 ahead but it was then when the Cobra Girls decided to play ball and it made for an exciting game as they kept piling on the pressure on us.
Our Blackhawks took it all in their stride and with points coming from Aleena, Nora and Niamh they finished Q3 9-7 up.

Q4 went much the same way; this time Amelia got us going after some persistent shooting from under the basket and more points coming from Niamh, Aleena and Nora. Both teams were now scoring more freely and we finished Q4 14-12 up.

Throughout the game we have had some exemplary defensive displays from Nora, Aaliyah and Amelia but no one really lacked in that department with 10 steals as a team and 6 blocks.
The help-Defence was exemplary. In offence the girls played for one another and we chalked up 8 assists, more than all our previous games put together!
A clear sign that the girls are beginning to gel as a team to the delight of coach Costas.

There was no change in the turnovers space though, as we committed 16 turnovers - one more than our last game and exactly the same number in the game before that. We had 18 turnovers against the Farnborough girls. Something to work on for tomorrow at practice ;-)

Our MVPs this evening were Nora and Niamh with 12 Effectiveness points each but Niamh was our top scorer with 14 points.
Well done to all our players and a special mention for little Aaliyah who, in case we forget, is 10.5 years old and posted some stats against players 2 or 3 years older than her!

Thank you to the parents who came down to support our girls and to those who so kindly offered lifts.
Go Blackhawks!