A message from coach Costa (Head of Girls Basketball)

Dear players, parents and volunteers

A very warm welcome to the new 2017-18 season!

Upon taking on this role, I promised the Club’s Exec that I will deliver a 3-year programme during which our young female players will develop as players and human beings to become the best they can be.

I also promised that the players will be at the top our pyramid and I will implement any changes necessary to ensure this is - and remains - the case.
This can only be achieved through constructive dialogue with me, my coaches and team manager.

My singular objective this season is to ensure that after every session, our players leave the court happy because they had fun and energised because they learned more and improved their game. It would also be nice to win a few games along the way!


Our SECRET to success (this includes players and coaches alike) is the same as for the whole club:

S for Skills: seek to improve our skills at every practice and game.
E for Enthusiasm: be happy to be on the court and coaching/playing the sport we love.
C for Commitment: attend practice sessions and games unless we are on holiday, have a family commitment or we are dead (man flu in my case)!
R for Results: winning is important but playing well and feeling good about ourselves is more important.
E for Energy: the way we practice is the way we play; put in the work for our own benefit and that of the team’s.
T for Team: never (and I mean NEVER) be late or not turn up for a game; be on time for practice (lateness is disrespectful); in short, do nothing that may affect the team in a negative way.

This season we are joined by coach Jon Brogden, a very experienced coach in female basketball.

We are also joined by Jan Springall in the form of team manager, specialising in the way female players see the world.

Both Jon and Jan have the additional and unenviable task of educating coach Costa in the intricacies of the psyche of young female players as some of the more subtle nuances escape him from time to t.ime.
For those who don’t know me that well, I am a level 3 coach (national level) with 15 years of playing and 20 years of coaching experience. I retired from the corporate IT world at 55 to do what I think is my real calling: develop young people to be the best they can be through the game of basketball.

Join me, Jon and Jan for a season of fun and SECRETs !