Next Fun Friday

The next Fun Friday will be on November 17th at 18:15, Woking College Rydens Way, Woking.  We will have some games for about 1 hour which will have an emphsis on Fun rather than all out competition basketball and focussed for all ages to enjoy Players, Mums, Dads all welcome.  Club members are free and other partcipants it is £5 for the session. 



Fun Fridays run from 18:15 to 19:30 at Woking College and are aimed at the younger children and their parents. The idea is to let the week's concerns disappear and relax the family into the weekend.  All are welcome for a friendly game of whatever seems appropriate for the numbers that turn up.  For paid up Club members the session is free and for Guests it is £5 per head.

To be more specific, parents are encouraged to play with their sons or daughters (quality time or what?!), enjoy a laugh and not give a hoot about the score. If participants become too competitive, they will be asked to stay on the sideline and count to 10,000 or make the tea/coffee ;-)

Depending on numbers, we may end up playing on the half-court while the No Pressure Basketball (NPB) club members enjoy a slightly more competitive game of basketball on the other half-court, without the pressure of having to perform at their best - just having fun.


The NPB sessions are aimed more at 15-21 year old players (male or female) who wish to develop their new-found skills within a social environment before they join any of the hub Club teams.

NPB participants are required to register with the Club (£40) and pay £5 on pay-as-you-play basis.  Please contact any squad Team Manager for more details.