Senior Blackhawks Basketball  from 1st September 2021

The sessions from 1st of September will Generally be howere please note this may vary and should be checked on My Club House

Mondays - Woking Blackhawks Three - 20:00-22:00 

Tuesdays - Woking Blackhawks  One and Two - 20:00-22:00 

Wednesdays Ladies  - 20:00-22:00 

Thursdays  Woking Blackhawks  One and Two - 20:00-22:00 (not Thurs 2nd Sept)

Fridays - Woking Blackhawks Three, Ladies and New Members 

The Club Uses My Club House for the administration and collection of subscriptions and fees using My Club House

To register and sign up for sessions click here

8th December – Change in Government Covid Guidance

Following the tightening of  Government Guidance on 8 December , Basketball England have Updated their Return to Play Guidance .(Full Details Click Here)

The Club asks  that players, Officials and Spectators :-

  • Should undergo a Lateral Flow Test prior to attending any Club sessions
  • Adopt a self-screening process prior to attending sessions. If any person has a temperature, cough, headache or generally feel unwell, that person Stay at home  and get tested 
  • Wear a mask when inside a venue, except players, coaches and officials who are active on court. Table officials and statisticians must wear a mask
  • Follow hygiene guidance and socially distance including hand washing and sanitising, cleaning of equipment, removal of all rubbish etc. Sanitising gel and wipes will be available at all sessions

Members are reminded that Lateral Flow Tests (LFT) are freely available and can be used to test for Covid-19. Regular testing provides additional assurance that individuals are not infected with Covid-19 even when no symptoms are evident

Further guidance will be distributed as and when provided by Basketball England



Club Development

As part of the objectives of the Club to Develop a Home Court facility , a proposal(or as described on the site ‘an idea’)  has been entered on the Surrey County Council Your Fund web site.

This can be seen by Clicking Here   

Please follow the link , click the ‘Agree’ button at the bottom to demonstrate support for this proposal.

This is an initial step, the Executive is presently developing a document ‘Towards a Blackhawks Basketball Centre’ that will support the development